Optimize and automate your legal funding business for success with Nexify, the leading enterprise software. Nexify is built to manage your pre-settlement funding business operations through the entire enterprise work-flow process from intake to settlement – including accounting, making your business Nexify certified!

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Why is Nexify for you?

Pre-settlement funding companies of ANY size will benefit from Nexify. Looking to manage day to day operations? Track fundings? Track your portfolios? Automate the intake process? Nexify handles all that, plus you will discover the true performance of your attorneys, clients, and fundings.

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Nexify is designed with Pre-Settlement Funding in mind…


  • Automate intake with forms on your existing website
  • Auto-notify any member of your company, attorneys, paralegals, and clients at any funding stage or milestones
  • Generate documents at the push of a button, such as contracts, payoff letters, and reports


  • Attorney contact information, case status, funding status, payoff details, and more is organized and at your fingertips
  • Robust reporting options, providing you with up-to-the-minute detail about all aspects of your business
  • Customize what and how field, task, and user-level data is displayed


  • All data is stored in the cloud
  • No one has access to any data unless you give it to them, both inside the company and out

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Legal Finance

Nexify is also a leading provider of non-recourse financing related to the litigation and settlement life cycle as well as the factoring of business receivables. Our services can be broken into three major categories: Plaintiff Funding, Medical & Surgical Financing and Attorney Funding.

Our Legal Funding Solutions, listed below, serve both attorneys who work on a contingency fee basis and their plaintiff clients.

  • Plaintiff Pre-settlement Funding
  • Plaintiff Post-settlement Funding
  • Medical and Surgical Financing
  • Purchase of Letters of Protection / Letters of Credit
  • Attorney Funding
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