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My contract is very complex, can Nexify still generate it?
Yes! Our document generation is powered by Conga, a very powerful service.

Can Nexify software also help with our marketing efforts?
Yes! Reports, notifications, and auto contact campaigns can be set up to make sure relationships with your attorneys are constantly improved.

Does Nexify interact with existing financial software, like QuickBooks?
Yes! Nexify integrates with many popular financial software solutions.

Does my subscription include updates?
Three times a year, the platform is updated, adding new bells and whistles to the software. We will also roll out new features and options, which will be included with any active subscription.

Is there a mobile app?
Yes! There is a mobile app and parts of the Nexify software are available.

What happens to my data if we decide to cancel our Nexify subscription?
Your data remains yours, and though we’ll be sorry to see you go, if you do decide to cancel, your data is easily exported into a series of Excel-compatible tables of information.

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